The Lowry Unit

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Key Info


Greater Manchester West Mental Health Foundation NHS Trust





Completion Date

February 2016

What We Did

The Lowry Unit is a new 30 Bed Low Secure Unit recently constructed on the Prestwich Hospital site north east of Manchester. It was delivered for Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust under Procure 21+ and is the latest part of the Trust’s long term development of its Edenfield Secure Hub Site.

The accommodation comprises of two 15 bed wards, each with its own day spaces/dining, living areas etc., but sharing access to a full standalone therapy and activity zone which includes a gym, IT activity area, art and therapy spaces, visiting and advisory rooms, staff support and ancillary facilities. Designed around private courtyards, the ward layout maximised open plan, daylight penetration and views out with the ethos of creating safe secure and patient focussed healing environments in a secure setting. With the building acting as an enclosure it means limited use of fences and by turning its back on the adjacent MSU it orientates vistas towards the surrounding countryside.

The Lowry Unit is a great example of delivering patient focused, innovative and healing environments in secure Mental Health settings. It demonstrates what is possible if a sensible approach to risk is adopted and also the real benefits of an integrated interior design approach from the outset. Light and airy spaces that are not only safe and secure, but calming and therapeutic.