The Big Push Maternity Unit


Key Info


Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust





Completion Date

May 2013

What We Did

The redevelopment work, carried out in two phases, gives women who choose to have their babies at Liverpool Women's facilities that match any in the UK and set new standards for the North West.

Phase One, included a brand new, beautifully designed Maternity Base, wih 55 beds spread over more spacious bays, including ten side rooms. Each bed has computer access to patient records meaning midwives can spend more time with patients rather than on the staff base computers. There are also small counselling rooms.

Phase Two is equally aimed at giving patients the best possible experience in comfortable and calming surroundings. It has been designed to provide the smoothest possible journey through triage and assessment to delivery. Staff and patients were closely consulted about the design of the "Big Push" facilities and their views incorporated. In all areas, patients’ needs are at the centre of care.

New Facilities include:

A new Triage and Assessment unit with five individual consulting rooms for privacy and a telephone triage room. This leads into an obstetrics day ward, previously located on the ground floor. Previously patients were assessed on the busy Delivery Suite with staff working between two areas.

An Induction Suite with five beds, a large and relaxing induction lounge with TV, tea and coffee facilities, for use by women and their birthing partners. This is designed to help women move around more and be relaxed, with wireless monitors being used so patients can be monitored at all times. Eight new delivery rooms, including a pool room with a large birthing pool for pain relief

The unit offers higher risk women the option of the same experience of our Midwifery Led Unit (MLU) whilst having more high tech support at close hand if required. The new facilities have the relaxing environment of the MLU, which many surveys have shown are better for women, including birthing pool and other aids. But should circumstances change and extra help be needed, more high tech aids are close at hand. Also, women needing an epidural can have it in the new unit rather than having to be transferred to the Delivery Suite."

The redevelopment also enables transitional care to be provided by a neonatal nurse for babies who may not require complete Neonatal Care but need extra attention. Two new bereavement rooms have been provided for those needing special privacy.

Client Quote

The "Big Push" facilities match any in the UK. We should be very proud of our new facilities. No-one signs up for mediocrity when they come to Liverpool Women's!

~ Joanne Topping, Consultant Obstetrician