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Key Info


Edge Hill University





Completion Date

September 2019

What We Did

The existing Learning Innovation Centre (LINC) building at Edge Hill University has been re-purposed, reconfigured and refurbished to form a new state-of-the-art Medical School, incorporating a multi-professional simulation and clinical education centre.

The new Medical School is one of only three new free-standing medical schools in the country and the only one in the North West.  Aspiring Doctors and Medical Professionals of the future will have access to high-quality medical education and training via an undergraduate programme.

The delivery of this simulation base education prepares students for Practice by providing a greater understanding of the patient journey and the role that health and social care professional play to gain the best possible outcomes.

The high quality accommodation comprises of specific simulated environments namely:

o   Community

o   At home

o   Secondary and acute settings which include:

  • 12 permanent OSCE rooms
  • ward areas (adult and paediatric)
  • maternity delivery suite
  • operating theatre
  • A&E
  • triage areas which will include Paramedic access
  • resuscitation areas
  • laboratory rooms (wet labs and fully operational kitchens),
  • pharmacy room
  • simulation debriefing rooms
  • immersive technology suite
  • permanent spaces for clinical learning including practical procedures
  • reception area
  • internal and external design features

The cutting edge facility provides the most current and innovative technology including electronic patient records, assisted living technologies and mirrors practices currently in use in the Health & Social Care Sector.

The centre is also a resource to support lifelong learning opportunities for undergraduate and practising medical staff, nurses, midwives, allied health professionals and the entire health and social care team.