Manannan Court, Isle of Man


Key Info


IOM Government


Nobles Hospital, Douglas



Completion Date

Feb 2017

What We Did

The architectural scheme was developed in partnership with McGarrigle Architects, based in Douglas. Gilling Dod interiors led on the internal design.

The imaginative interiors scheme for this project was based around the concept of different locations on the Isle of Man. The wards were given the names Harbour Suite and Glen Suite - and research undertaken into the Island’s unique landscapes inspired the muted but effective colour schemes. This concept also influenced selection of other finishes, with a backdrop of stony greys and rich oak being complement by coloured walls, ceilings and fabrics. Gilling Dod Interiors then undertook an Arts Co-Ordination role and worked with local artist Nicola Dixon to bring the colour scheme and concepts forward into a Celtic triskelion art piece, which was subsequently installed in pride of place behind the reception desk, within a bespoke frame of flowing hardwood fins. Icons from this artwork were used throughout the rest of the building to support wayfinding, and photography from local artists installed as large scale digital wallpapers likewise supported this initiative. Bespoke joinery also features prominently within the ward areas- the TV and storage units designed into the dayspaces really contribute to a feeling of comfort and homeliness – ideal for the user group of Older Adults. The homely environment and attention to detail led to the unit being described as ‘more like a hotel environment’, and has helped to bring healthcare facilities on the Isle of Man firmly into the 21st Century.