Blackpool Victoria Hospital Masterplanning

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Key Info


Blackpool Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust




£500k - £54m

Completion Date


What We Did

We have been working closely with Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust on the development of the whole Hospital Estate from 2002. We commenced work with the Trust in 2002 as part of the P21 Pilot Region, on the design of the new £54m Lancashire Cardiac Centre, and most recently completed the new £5m Main Entrance.

At this very early stage of the site wide development, we worked closely with the Trust and their PM to ensure that all future developments in service delivery and rationalisation were factored in to the Strategic Development Control Plan for the site from the outset.

The goal for the Trust has always been to improve the quality of their existing estate and to ensure efficiencies in service delivery across the site, with the Trust's top priority being to deliver improved patient safety and the highest quality care to their patients.

As can be seen from the exploded masterplan view above, we have delivered a cohesive estate strategy (under a variety of procurement routes) that has included the following developments over the past 15 years:

  • Lancashire Cardiac Centre - £54m

  • Twin Day Case Theatres new build and refurbishment scheme - £4m

  • Children's Safeguarding centre - £750k

  • Children's Out Patients Department - £5m

  • Women's and Children's Unit including SCBU - £5m

  • New build & refurbishment for Mortuary Department - £6.5m

  • Theatre Suite of 10 Operating Theatres - £35m

  • A&E Urgent Care refurbishment / alterations - £500k

  • New Main Entrance - linked to Multi Storey Car Park - £15m

  • Stroke Ward - £1m