Blackpool Victoria Hospital Main Entrance & Multi-Storey Car Park


Key Info


Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust





Completion Date

March 2014

What We Did

The new, three-storey entrance provides an impressive access to the hospital and includes a pharmacy, Costa Coffee, W H Smiths and Marks & Spencer, main reception, waiting areas and office accommodation. The scheme, provides much improved, centralised access to the Hospital through a purpose built main entrance, the capital for which has been borrowed from the Department of Health and is being paid back from income generated through the rental and sales generated by the retail units.

The entrance is the new “hub” of the Hospital and provides access to all departments for patients, visitors and staff, who can park in the new 1,520 space multi-storey car park. The new entrance is an extremely welcoming and impressive internal space and it provides the Trust with a new focal point to the Hospital that has been required for many years. Furthermore, the revenue generated by the retail units is enhanced due to the design of the space and that revenue has provided the funding for the development as a whole, as well as generating additional income as a percentage of the retail sales.

The new main entrance is the Hub of the existing hospital, however, it connects to the existing buildings at 5 separate locations, all at differing levels. These tying in of these levels into the new main entrance was key to the success of the design and ensuring that surveys were taken at all the key points in and around the hospital allowed surety within the design. The changes in level were achieved by including an escalator and glazed lift shaft as well as a feature staircase.

The offices accommodate the Trust Executive team and administration departments and these offices are designed to accessed from the main hospital street, therefore being independent of the main entrance whilst physically being part of it, housed behind a 2 storey curved high glazed wall sat above the retail units.

Gilling Dod Interiors worked closely with the Trust in selecting the internal finishes from the limestone flooring of the main entrance to the acoustic panels on the rear walls, as well as assisting in the selection of the loose items of furniture in all the seating areas.

Excellent endeavour from the Trust teams throughout the process (from inception to completion) have ensured that the finished project matches the original concept in every aspect.

It’s now a pleasure to visit the hospital, the new entrance is amazing, it just reminds me of an airport terminus. The hospital should be extremely proud of the new main entrance. The facilities are excellent and I can’t believe how easy it is to get to all the departments

~ Patient Feedback

Client Testimonial

Gilling Dod worked closely with the Trust and key stakeholders to create a fantastic new main entrance here at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The design of the space is stunning, with a high quality welcoming environment that greatly improves the patient experience and gives a real sense of place. We are delighted with the results.

~ Capital Development