Definition; The Art or Practice of designing and constructing buildings.  If it were only that simple…

Architecture can mean many different things to many different people.  At Gilling Dod we understand the diversity, complexity and challenges inherent in creating great architecture as well possessing an insight into the unique aspirations of the people who commission, construct and occupy our buildings.

Both a science and an art, really accomplished architecture has the power to uplift and protect, heal and teach, inspire and reward.  Only by understanding our clients’ needs and applying real world innovation and imagination can we deliver truly sustainable buildings and environments that make positive impacts on people’s lives.

Great architecture feeds on great communication and as a Practice we recognise this. We have developed a talented team of designers, technologists, modellers and space planners who first and foremost are great communicators because we understand that the right team is crucial to us delivering excellence in our projects.  Constantly learning through ongoing post occupancy evaluations we are always looking to innovate and evolve our approach to design.  Through a strong collaborative ethos and a real importance placed on relationships we always strive to create excellent architecture that has a lasting legacy for our clients.


Through our investment in BIM our designs come alive from early in the commission.  We use technology as a tool to deliver accomplished architecture and help realise innovative design ideas from concept sketch to site.  Our experience in the construction sector allows us to approach innovation in design with not just passion but with confidence and knowledge. Creating integrated designs that are sustainable and productive is what we do and what we strive for on all our projects.

Great architecture need not just be exclusive to high end clients and at Gilling Dod we feel passionately that the benefits of fantastically designed buildings should be accessible to all regardless of size, budget, and location.  Please view our case studies for examples of some of our Award Winning Buildings and see what Gilling Dod Architects could do for your next project.

Case Studies